You have to admit the topo map is a hunting standby. I can’t imagine planning a hunt without spending some quality time looking over a variety of topographical maps. These maps instantly give me a sense of elevation, cover and shape. I used to spend hours at the local map store looking through the stacks and stacks of USGS maps. I guess I don’t do that as much now that we’ve all moved to digital maps.

At the Hunters Database we know how important and familiar and useful topo maps are to you. So, yesterday we added a new feature that will allow you to switch the map to a topographical view. Just look for the button on the right-hand corner and select the view you would like. The TERRAIN button will give you the traditional Google terrain map. This is the default map. The TOPO selection will give you a composite topo layer created by ESRI.

Here is a look at Arizona Unit 18B.


Topo layer







Terrain Layer


We hope you enjoy the options. We will be looking out for other map layers that might provide you an insight into the areas you want to hunt.

While you are here, we have added a “Feedback and Support” button on the left of the website. Please help us make the Hunters Database better by suggesting new or improved features or pointing out things that are broken and that we need to fix.

We appreciate your time and suggestions.



The colorado hunting page at
The colorado hunting page at

Several years ago I started researching a hunting trip to Colorado. I had done some over leftover hunts up by Meeker, but I wanted to find a unit closer to my home in Arizona. My hope was that I could find a unit with pretty good odds of drawing that I could scout more often.

So like most hunters I turned to the Internet.

If you have ever done any scouting online you probably have experienced the pain I did. While there is a ton of data and maps online they are either locked up Game and Fish PDFs or hidden in some forum thread. It was not easy to find what I was looking for.

It was then that I conceived the idea of the Hunters Database. I wanted a place where I could find information about the PLACE I wanted to hunt. I wanted to explore Colorado Unit 771 and see if it was worth my time. I wanted to look at the harvest and success data. I wanted to dive into the unit map.

So, I decided to build it.

They say if things were easy, everyone would be doing them. This isn’t the first build of Collecting and publishing hunting maps and data from every state is difficult and time consuming. I stumbled a bit on the first site. But, I still believe there is an audience for this type of website. I decided not to give up. I hope you agree.

This blog will be a mix of stuff. We will primarily post data updates, new features and website changes. But, we will also throw in some commentary, reviews and other observations.

We hope you enjoy it. If you have any thoughts or comments, please share them with us. You can post comments to the blog or email us: